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You are purchasing the second module of virtual instruction with this K.E.M.B.A selection. Course materials sold separately. There are a total of 7 modules. This module consists of three lessons and three challenges. Kingdom Equipment Ministry Business Academy is a Bible centered training program designed to establish believers in biblical principles for ministry and business for those seeking to achieve tangible growth and results out of their obedience to God. K.E.M.B.A is an equipping ministry resource used to help individuals discover their purpose, define their calling, and become equipped to do all that God has created them to do. With a systematic approach to measuring growth, students will develop knowledge, skill and practical application in assembly and marketplace ministry. K.E.M.B.A will provide practical opportunities both in and out of the classroom environment for students to develop their gifts, skills, systems, methods, and principles.

K.E.M.B.A Virtual module 2

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