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Building the Kingdom

Equipping the saints through training and demonstration



1. Edenic Tribe (Innocence)PVT

            Dispensation of Innocence/Edenic Covenant class

            Welcome to the Kingdom class

            Diligence challenge


2. Adamic Tribe (Conscience)PFC

            Dispensation of Conscience/Adamic Covenant class

            Virtue challenge


3. Noahic Tribe (Human Government) color-yellow/SPC

            Dispensation of Human Government/Noahic Covenant

            Knowledge challenge


4. Abrahamic Tribe (Promise) color-white/SGT - Deacon

            Dispensation of Promise/Abrahamic Covenant class

            Kingdom Equipment

            Temperance challenge


5. Mosaic Tribe (Law)SSG - Minister

            Dispensation of Law/Mosaic Covenant

            Five-fold Ministry Leadership

            Patience challenge


6. Palestinian Tribe (Grace)SFC - Elder

            Dispensation of Grace/Palestinian Covenant class

            Counseling Course

            Godliness challenge


7. Davidic Tribe (Kingdom)MSG-1SG - Pastor

            Dispensation of Kingdom/Davidic Covenant class

            Charity challenge


Levels 1-3 believers work based on their natural gifts and talents.

Levels 4-6 believers work based on both natural and spiritual

Levels 6-7 believers work based on the call (assignment) of God


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