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God's Business Plan defines and outlines the process and context in which, Jesus used the fivefold ministry gifts, during his ministry on earth, in a strategic manner in order to build, maintain, and advance the Kingdom. The book gives revelatory truths to how the garden of Eden, Tabernacle of Moses, and Solomon's Temple, give foundation to the fivefold ministry gifts as vital parts of God's plan for Kingdom building. God's business plan deals with the structure of local church government and how the apostle and prophet with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone reflect the prophet, priest, and king pattern as established in the Old Testament. 

Every business has a marketing department (evangelists). Every business has a training department (teachers). Every business has supervisors (pastors). Every business has advisors (prophets). And every business has an administration department (apostle). When we work together, we can grow together. 

God's Business Plan

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